Xian Stock Footage – Video clips for licensing

[toggle title=”Features”] The Xian travel stock footage collection contains 26 (1.18GB) high definition (1080p) video clips filmed from 2011 in Xian China. The footage package is available for royalty free licensing use upon on-line purchase and immediately available for download.
Format: 1920 * 1080 quicktime mov H.264

[/toggle][toggle title=”Royalty Licensing details”] Royalty Free License Agreement

1. Upon your payment of the purchase price for the footage package, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the footage in printed materials, or any electronic or digital form.

The above is subject to the following restrictions. Without limitation, footage clips may not be used:
• as a trademark or service mark
• for any pornographic, unlawful purpose or use
• to defame any person
• to violate any person’s right of privacy or publicity
• to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity
• for uses covering sensitive subjects including, without limitation, topics that may depict the subject matter of an Footage in a negative or unfavorable light or subject persons to ridicule
• use in retail photo products – these include, without limitation, greeting cards, calendars, postcards, stationery, mouse pads, clothing etc
• for a purpose in respect of which a model or property release is required should such a release not be available. You shall check that the footage has the appropriate releases before using the footage for such a purpose.
2. “Non-transferable” means that the work you produce using our Footage must be for your own use, or if purchased on behalf of your employer or client, your employer or client must be the end-user of your work. You may not sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to anyone the Footage, or the right to use the Footage package, and nothing you produce shall grant or purport to grant to any third party a right to use or duplicate an Footage. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from duplicating or distributing the Footage.
3. You shall indemnify and defend the photographer against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to (i) a breach of this Agreement, (ii) the use or modification of any Footage or combination of any Footage with any other material, (iii) your failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of an Footage, or (iv) any claim by a third party related to the use of an Footage, alone or in combination with any other material. The photographer warrants ownership of the copyright for the Footage.
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Uploaded FilenameDescriptionAudioFramingTime Of DaySpeedCityCountrySourceSource Date Created
1inside look at Teracotta sculptures bring madeNoMSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
2a shot that zooms to wide angle of teracotta pit 1yesCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
3a close shot of the teracotta warriors it 1 area 16NoCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
4a close tilting shot of the teracotta warriors from a side viewNoCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
5a close ground level shot of the warriors in pit 1 area 10NoMSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
6a close birds eye tilt shot of a teracotta pit that includes horsesNoMSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
7a close birds eye pan-tilt shot of a teracotta pit that includes horsesyesMSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
8a close birds eye upward tilt shot of a teracotta pit area 37yesMSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
10close up tilt of the kneeling teracotta warriorNoCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
11standing teracotta warrior in glassNoCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
12standing teracotta warrior in glass with horseNoCUDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
13a city wall temple goes from out of focus to in focusyesCUnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
14birds eye view with tilt of people roller skating at the xian roller rinkyesMSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
15a street level view of the xian city wallyesMSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
16a shot near the main entrance of the city wall with red lanternsyesLSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
17a close side view shot of traffic in downtown xianyesMSdaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
18a shot on the city wall during sunsetyesLSDaynormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
19a city wall temple at nightyesMSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
21a city wall temple goes from out of focus to in focusyesCSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
22xian, citywall, temple, nightyesCSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
23a view of business buildings form the citywallNoLSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
24a shot of a main street from the xian city wallyesLSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12
25an artistic shot of the temple coming into focusyesMSnightnormalXianChinaCanon 7d2011-12

Xian sample stock footage

Actual stock footage will be free of music and voice overs

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