Wework All Access Review

Wework – Global All Access Review

Wework – Global All Access Review

The wework global all access review gives you 24/7 access to over 800 premium office co-work spaces around the world.  They are not in every city, but most major cities like New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and so on. I’ve been a member at the Vancouver location for 7 months. There are several locations to select from within Vancouver. I’ve also worked at the various weworks around the world from Calgary, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on occasion.

If you read the news stories or the movie wecrash you would might have thought that this business would not be around anymore. Now that the covid pandemic is subsiding, and people are getting sick of working from home wework is offering co-work space to a variety of people and businesses in 2022.

Wework All Access Review

What to Expect from Wework

All the wework locations offer a baseline set of essentials for any Digital Worker today from Digital Nomads to Tech startups. I’m talking about fast internet (67mbps down/up), deskspace, plug’s, open space, free water/tea and coffee (9-5), social events, meeting rooms, printers, and a creative modern space with good natural light. You might even say that you’ve seen wework and you have seen them all? To an extent, but not really true. Each location may offer a unique perk from a large terrace on a high floor or a prime view in the city the we-work is in.

I’ve found the we-work’s in Vancouver becoming increasingly busy as more international companies base their staff there or remote workers or digital nomads choose wework for a hot desk. I’m now working a 9-5 at the time of writing so I may spend an entire work day at a we-work locations at least 3 times a week. I’ve found that most members are regulars, and we also hustle together. Some locations allow you to bring your own monitor, but most members will purchase accessories to have a side screen or a laptop stand for long term comfort. Desk chairs vary in comfort from a hard classroom wooden chair, but you always have the option to work from a standing desk or the couch to change it up. If you need to take calls you have the signature phone booths.

It is the office tenants that get the office chairs and the the monitors, but our focus is on the all access pass. The main benefit you get is being able to use the wework’s around the world. I’ll add more to this review after trying wework’s in Europe.

The Wework App

The wework app is well designed. Every day you will need to book your hot desk at the location you select. You also get a certain number of credits each month (5 worth $25 each) to book rooms for meetings or workshops. You get a certain number of B & W & color prints each month. The App also allows you to browse the various weworks around the world.


Wework’s All access pass is offering an amazing resource for remote workers and Digital Nomads in 2023 due to the number of locations and prime office space around the world. As a creator I can make use of the wework’s to create videos for youtube or film online courses as well as my day to day work. The social events are an opportunity to meet members from varying backgrounds and are icing on the cake to an already impressive offering as the pandemic subsides. Stay tuned for more updates as I wework surf around the world in Europe and Asia.



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