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WanderlustFootage showcases the a Decade worth of curated Global Stock Footage Library for AI LLM’s

WanderlustFootage showcases the a curated Global Stock Footage Library for AI LLM’s

My Stock Footage library is the crown jewel asset in my creative career and I’m showcasing the Global Stock Footage Library on a dedicated site called WanderlustFootage.

Our target partner are businesses looking to train their AI Large Language Models with our huge footage library that is between 15-25 TB.

Showcasing our global stock footage

For more than a decade since starting my creative career in Vancouver in 2011 my primary focus was on video. Following my passion for travel I eventually ended up on a working holiday in Taiwan. This is where I discovered the stock footage business model after posting travel videos on my youtube channel in the early days of 2011. Since then I have lived in several bases in Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, & Bali. As such I have a very deep footage collection in these regions, but I also offer footage from other  locations like the Maldives, Chennai, South Africa, Australia, New York,  South Korea, The Phillipines, Las Vegas & Hawaii.

During Covid I had to return from Malaysia to Vancouver as borders were quickly closing. During this period I relocated to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This is something I thought I would never do and further expanded my collection to Tulum, Merida, and Belize. Unfortunately, I was robbed and mugged during a night of the Superbowl in Mexico and had to return to Vancouver.

I started a job while resetting myself from this traumatic event. The job has enabled me to expand my footage collection to Europe in global locations like Paris, Lisbon, Porto, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, & Grand Canaria Las Palmas. I hope you will have a chance to visit wanderlustfootage, which is part of the Chicvoyage Group.

WanderlustFootage is Vancouver-based company that specializes in providing high-quality travel lifestyle stock footage direct from the creator. Our collection features stunning footage from around the world specializing in Vancouver, Asia, Mexico, Europe, & More.

We were based in Asia for over a decade in countries like Taiwan, Thailand, & Malaysia to strengthen our footage library.  We offer a diverse global HD collection of over 10,000 clips from destinations like Australia, Bali, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Turks & Caicos, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, and Vietnam

We also offer a strong and growing 4k/5K Footage collection featuring thousands of videos featuring aerials and stabilized shots from destinations like Vancouver, Bali, Malaysia, Maldives, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Mexico

  • No middle-men. The Stock footage is created by us. Direct from the creator.

Free 4K Stock Footage

Sample our International Stock Footage Collection by Signing up for Free Video Clips each week from our Collection from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Vietnam , South Africa and More!

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