Videographer Jobs

Videographer Jobs

Are you looking for Videographer or editing jobs? We receive regular requests for Video jobs around the world. We are looking for Videographers that produce quality work, are professional, and reliable.

What type of projects

We service international clients and provide a range of videos from promotional product interviews, training videos, weddings, events, and more.

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Where are the projects

Currently we serve mainly international clients in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam,) and Western Canada. We are looking to expand our offerings into different regions.

What Gear do I need?

These are recommendations for a baseline video gear kit.

A current generation SLR, Mirrorless camera, or cinema camera. Some examples of camera models include the Panasonic GH5, Sony A7X series, or Canon 5D Mark 4. Specialty action camera’s like Gopro or Osmo action cannot be used for these type of videos.

Secondary camera’s like drones are in demand with clients with establishing or broll shots of their facilities. While this may not be the primary camera having a drone is an asset. Some popular models include DJI Mavic Air, Mavic 2 pro, and Phantom 4.

Good audio gear like an Audio Recorder such as the H5 or H6 Zoom, Shotgun mic, or a lav microphone is essential to capturing quality audio for clients.

For lighting an LED light panel capable with adjustable color temperature

For stabilization at least a quality tripod capable of holding your camera body and lens. For event or sports videos you may need a tripod with a fluid head or even a crane gimbal. Manfrotto makes quality tripods and the DJI Ronin SC and S series are current generation gimbals.

For Lenses you want a quality glass capable of producing quality images. The Canon L Series lenses or Panasonic Lumix lenses produce good results.

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You need to have some training to learn about video fundamentals. An understanding or video resolutions, frame rates, aperture, lighting, shutter speed, and ISO. There are a lot of free resources on Youtube, but we offer quality courses covering travel, video, and business at our travel videographer school. We will give preference to videographers that have completed our course training.

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What is the pay like?

It varies with the client and the project and what they want to do. You may be doing multi-day all day shoots that could pay from 2-3k US.  A half day shoot and edit from or an event could pay from 1-3k. If you’re involved in larger scale projects that are numerous cities, numerous days then it could be from 4-10k.

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