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I travelled the world for over 4.5 years producing professional video and audio. Are you interested in producing professional content while on the go?

Sign up for the Media Creator's guide, a 45 Page PDF guide containing excellent recommendation and analysis for creating high quality Video & Audio. This guide is designed specifically for location independents also known as digital nomads who can work from anywhere. Recommendations take into consideration mobility, quality, and value. Some of the gear highlights include:

  • 4k VR 360 Headsets and Camera's
  • Travel Friendly Drones
  • Learn why I use the gear or want to get it with my analysis

Greg Hung 

I'm the owner of Chicvoyageproductions.com and and a stock footage and free-lance videographer. I've been deeply into video since 2011. I've travelled the world and lived in countries as a creative digital nomad like Taiwan and Thailand.  As someone that is fairly nomadic it was important to strike a balance between high production value and mobility. I've produced professional videos for companies like Roche Pharmaceuticals, Payoneer, and the Marcquerie Financial group. This guide will reveal the gear I use that allows me to travel, but still produce high quality video productions 

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