Vancouver web design – Mobile and Google friendly website service

Vancouver web design -Mobile and Google friendly website service

mobile and google friendly website
a mobile version of our ChicVoyage travel website complete with slider, menu, and look and feel of our brand

ChicVoyage Productions was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia by SFU Beedie School of Business MBA grad Greg Hung. Greg has been living in Vancouver since 1995 and understands Vancouver businesses well. Greg had experienced the frustration of navigating the Vancouver web design companies looking for a company to create his vision on a competitive budget.  ChicVoyage Productions helps design and build business websites and produce professional video content. We are able to offer websites that are mobile and google friendly websites that allow a small to medium business compete with larger businesses. We can also offer a video production and photography service if you are a business that needs to provide some professional content for your website

What is a mobile friendly website?

Let’s begin with a website that is not mobile friendly. You open up a website on your smartphone and you can barely read the words. You can have to zoom in to read it and some of the links might be too small for you to click with your finger. If there is a menu it is difficult to get around the website from your phone. This can be frustrating to a customer.

Our mobile friendly websites are designed to be read on your mobile phone. Here are some of the benefits.

* It loads pages faster – important because sometimes your mobile phone has a slow internet connection
* Improved customer experience – The pages can be easily ready by customers and load up faster. They can find key information like your address, phone number, hours, and list of products and services
* Consistent branding – Maintain your brands look and feel by using your company colours and your logo
* Offer an App for IOS devices without an App store
* One website – a separate mobile and desktop mode coming from one website. This means you don’t need to build and maintain a separate website

See a demo with our live ChicVoyage travel website by clicking this click on your smartphone.

What is a google friendly website ?

Our google friendly service (also known as SEO ) upgrades the pages on your website to increase your chances of a customer finding your website on google by improving its search ranking. Google search is one of the main ways that customers look for businesses today. This allows small to medium businesses to compete with larger business and reach customers directly. It is very likely you found our website through a google search. This is evidence of our abilities and our websites below further demonstrate what we can do for you.

Our websites (,, have consistently reached high first page google rankings for search terms such as:

*lifestyle travel videos

*travel footage

*tips for planning and packing for travel

*essential travel tools

We welcome you to do a google on these search terms. We can offer the same approach to deliver similar results to a search term for your business.

website and seo services
our top ranking google website

Our Services

We provide a website installation, set-up, and configuration based on wordpress technology and a specific template.

Standard website package $2500 Cdn not including tax

* A slider that is picture and video friendly
* Menu’s which you can customize
* A search engine optimization = high google rankings optimization for 1 search term
* Social media integration
* Easy content management – the ability for you publish quickly and easily publish blog posts or web pages to the internet
* 4 pages (about, main page, service, contact us)
* A contact us form to receive information from customers (name, email address, and phone number)
* Includes training and documentation so you look after the site without needing us after its complete

Note: The package is based on the WordPress platform technology. There are regular service fees not included in our charges that will be required to host the website on the internet. At this time the basic hosting package is $36 US a year that will be the responsibility of the customer. To see the current pricing please click here


You can add these upgrades to the standard website

* Email address with your company website. Ie $200
* Optional (video seo upgrade). We will help you create a google friendly page that will have a video thumbnail beside your google ranked link. You need a video for this not included. $400
* Mobile friendly version of your website – Create a mobile friendly version of your website that will be optimized for smartphones and tablets. It must be in a wordpress format. $1000
* A search engine optimization = high google rankings optimization for 1 search term $300
* Customizable form $200
* A shopping chart – contact for pricing
* Calendar availability booking $300

Ready to take the next step?

call us +886 0983 001 058 , facetime at, or complete the form and I will call you. I am currently located in Taipei, Taiwan which explains the area code. Please note that Taiwan is 15 hours ahead.

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