Vancouver video service

Vancouver video service

Aerial photography service
Recording my drone course in thailand

Greg Hung, owner and aerial photography for Chicvoyage productions provides professional Vancouver videography services in Vancouver Canada. I have traveled and lived in Taiwan and Thailand for over 2.5 years. During this time I produced an extensive video portfolio for all type of business. I’ve produced corporate training videos, promotional videos for Jazz lounges, testimonial videos, and corporate interviews. Some of the companies I have worked with include Roche Pharmaceuticals, Marquerie Group, Payoneer, Marquee Restaurant and Lounge, and various small business and free lancers. When not shooting for clients I shoot lifestyle stock footage from around the world. I also produce my on-line video courses for my on-line video academy. I have returned to Canada ready with my experience ready to deliver professional videos along with a high level of professional customer service.

Vancouver video service
Preparing for a corporate training shoot for Roche Pharmaceuticals
Vancouver video service
Preparing for a corporate training shoot for Roche Pharmaceuticals

We have permission to provide paid aerial photography services based on Transport Canada guidelines. This is a menu of our aerial photography services


aerial photography service
my flight records – I’ve got extensive experience with aerial photography

Quadcopters have not been around for a long time, but I was an early adopter. I already loved filming with a SLR and Gopro so the ability to fly in the air was a dream come true. I’ve flown drones for almost 3 years starting with the first generation DJI Phantom 1. I’ve flown in various environments in Australia, Vancouver, and Taiwan. In June 2015 I was sponsored by a California company to make an online drone course based on DJI Phantom 3 professional’s 3rd generation drone platform. The technology, reliability, and safety have improved allowing me to provide you an even better aerial photography service. I have 95 flights and have flown 40,400 meters in countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand. Here are some of the 4k aerial photos and videos I’ve taken to give you an idea of what I can offer you.

Vancouver aerial photography
Aerial photo at Singapore’s Supertree grove
aerial photography vancouver
The Chiang Mai mountain temple


aerial photography vancouver
aerial photography

aerial photography vancouver
an aerial photo of me

Safety and regulations

aerial photography
the drone we use weighs only 1.28 kg but delivers professional results

Our quadcopter weights 1.28 kg and based on Transport Canada guidelines we have permission to fly for commercial purposes. I always keep safety as a primary priority when flying drones. This focus came from my experience flying the first generation quadcopter. Unfortunately it lacked the technology and safety features of today and I had some close calls. I try to ensure that due diligence is taken before flying. I make sure than the conditions are safe for flying and that no people or property are at high risk.


I quadcopter (unmanned aircraft) I use is a DJI Phantom 3 professional quadcopter. Dji is a trusted quadcopter manufacturer and the technology with this platform is state of the art. I can control the camera from the air to take videos or photo. I can also adjust the camera angle so I’m not flying blind. There is a live HD feed of the cameras view and I can monitor states like height, distance, and speed for safety purposes. The quadcopter uses GPS satellites for stable and safe flying. I have the ability to fly in orbits, program waypoints, and fly indoors. Each flight is up to 17-20 minutes before a battery swap is required

Aerial Videos and Aerial photography services

Aerial video 4k, HD – Aerial Photos – Flights up to 200 M high and 300 meters away – Video editing service – Indoor flights – Orbiting – Selfie car chase videos – Golf course tours – Aerial real estate photography – Aerial wedding photography

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