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Vancouver SLR video workshops

Greg Hung of ChicVoyage Productions is now offering Vancouver SLR video workshops. These courses will teach you the end to end knowledge required to produce videos with a stylish cinematic feel and great sound

Who is the course for?

The course is great for beginner and intermediate SLR Camera owners  that are interested in learning exactly what is required to begin producing quality videos with a SLR camera. The course will be primarily geared towards Canon SLR camera owners. The video editing software that will be used is Final Cut Pro x and Adobe after effects

SLR video workshop ChicVoyage Productions
Filming the Grand Canyon

Course highlights of what you will learn

  • Learn about the equipment (camera body, lighting, lenses, tripods) and software you need to begin producing high production value video footage
  • Learn planning considerations before the shoot and the techniques to capture great footage in the field in different environments (fireworks, night-time, close subject, adventure filming, depth of field, time lapse)
  • Learn how to edit your footage to put it together into a coherent video
  • Learn how to add visual effects, credits, intro, and great music
  • Learn how to share and publish your video into difference formats and how to use video hosting sites like youtube and vimeo to maximum effect
  • Learn where to get lenses, camera accessories (not Broadway camera doesn’t carry some of the stuff), and music you can use for commercial use


  • An SLR camera with memory card (highly recommended)
  • Tripod would be a nice to have
  • A mac laptop with video editing software (final cut pro x) would be beneficial


  • Provide an overview on popular SLR camera models to produce high definition videos
  • Offer instruction on your camera settings and frame rates to get started
  • We will cover tripods, lighting, memory card, remotes and sound
  • Lenses – Overview of lenses, depth of field, prime lenses, kit lenses, and lens recommendations
  • Planning the shoot


  • Tips for setting up your shots -various angles, lengths, focusing
  • High production value techniques – moving dolly shots, timelapse
  • Filming in low light – clubs, restaurants
  • Field assignment – video shooting

Post Production and Publishing Overview

  • Transferring your footage – getting your footage onto the computer and into your video editing software
  • Hard Drive storage – Tips on best hard drives to use for archiving, working storage, and best performance
  • Editing – Covering the techniques to edit your footage
  • Music – Where to find good music to go along with your videos
  • Story – The art of editing your footage to become a coherent video
  • Sharing your project – publishing your video to popular sites such as yotube and vimeo. Topics such as descriptions, thumbnails, privacy, annotations, and licensing will be covered
  • Different digital formats
  • Blueray and DVD authoring

ChicVoyage in Vegas Rev Scene Exclusive from chicvoyage on Vimeo.


Schedule & Location

SLR Vancouver Video workshop
SLR Vancouver Video workshop

April 27th 2013 9:30am – 4pmDowntown Vancouver 501 Pacific Street Lounge

No walk-ins. Registration and pre-payment are needed to confirm your space

Register to confirm your space.

SLR workshop Registration

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SLR Vancouver Video workshop
SLR Vancouver Video workshop



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