heart of vancouver nft web3 blockchain domain

Vancouver Canada – Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) Collection

Vancouver Canada – Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)

I’m back in Vancouver Canada after 5 months in Mexico. As a content creator sometimes you are at the mercy of the weather to find inspiration and scenery to create it. I’ve developed my ability to create content over the past decade using numerous tools whether it’s a mirrorless camera, drone, or gopro.

I’ve added another layer of skills on top of that during the pandemic creating my own ERC20 token Nomad and I’ve honed my ability to Mint NFT’s on multiple blockchains (Ethereum, CRO, Solana, BSC, MATIC) and Platforms (Opensea, Coinbase, Rarible, Solsea, Crypto.com)

Now the it’s time to put out content and NFT’s to the world in difference forms.



Vancouver Sunrise Aerial NFT access to footage

This is a combination of photos and edited stock footage of drone aerials of Vancouver downtown during sunrise. There is only 1 edition of this NFT minted on Ethereum that will provide unlocked access to the entire Vancouver 4K Drone footage collection (about 50 clips as of May 2022). The footage may be downloaded and used for commercial purposes

Vancouver sunrise Drone Photo NFT on Crypto.com

The Vancouver Sunrise drone photo NFT is a high resolution and edited photo. Behind this photo are over 9 years of flying the Dji drones, and creative editing skills using Adobe Lightroom. It also represents the hustle and determination for a creative to wake up at 5:30am to actually put this together. This NFT is an image with 3 editions minted on the Crypto.com NFT platform. You can easily buy, trade, and sell these NFT's with minimal gas fees

vancouver drone photo nft

Heart of Vancouver (NFT) Web 3 Blockchain Domain

This NFT is different than the art pieces. heartofvancouver.nft is a web3 blockchain domain. This means that it is a next generation domain name that is actually minted on the polygon blockchain. It is a domain name that you can own for life and buy, trade, and sell with other users with cryptocurrency wallets. You can also use this domain to replace your complex crypto wallet address. You can use it to build a website on the IPFS space which is a next generation peer to peer system. Find it on Opensea

heart of vancouver nft web3 blockchain domain

web3 blockchain domain

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