Vacation editing video service

Vacation editing video service

Vacation editing service
Let us save you time

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Vacation video editing service
I can also help film your vacation in Thailand

Vacations are precious once in a life time experiences that you want to remember and share in the best way possible. Most cameras these days take great photos and videos that allow you to capture some great stuff. The problem is once you get home you get back in the grind and don’ have the time to organize the videos and photos on your memory cards. If you thought organizing photos take a long time then you should realize that video editing requires even more patience.  Let us save you some time and produce an awesome vacation video of your trip you can share with your family, friends, and colleagues for many years.  The best part is that since it is digital you can share it to other family members and friends over the Internet!

Testimonials From Customers

“Before finding Greg online, my family movies were sitting in cyber space collecting dust. His service and process was so easy and the quality video he gave us in a short amount of time was well worth his fee” Damian, United States

How it works

1. You send us your videos and photos from your trip through the Internet (Drop Box)
2. We will contact you to figure our your preferences
3. Let us edit the video and show you how it looks
4. You have a chance to request some changes
5. Receive the final video file through the web or a disc or we can help publish it on Youtube for you to share with your family and friends located in a different city.

Pricing will vary depending on the length and amount of footage you provide us.


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