ultimate storage guide for content creators

Ultimate Guide for Storage for Content Creators

Ultimate Guide for Storage for Content Creators

I’ll admit this is not a sexy topic, but every content creator and videographer should at some point care about storage. I’ve created the ultimate guide for storage for content creators from cloud storage down to your SD card. All my digital nomad friends know I have a lot of storage whether it’s hard drives or cloud storage.

Your laptop or computer hard drive

If you’re a videographer creating a lot of good content or shooting in 4K or doing client work eventually you are going to run out of hard-drive space. Those 500gb or 1TB SSD drives are not going to last very long. What is the solution? I like to use external USB3 drives. They are still relatively fast and offer the fast value for storage. I trust the Seagate brand in this space. USB3 hard drives offer the best bang for the buck, but they are not the best for working storage

huawei matebook pro x
my laptop has 500gb ssd for working storage

When I actually video edit I do it on my local SSD laptop hard drive (working storage), which is why I always recommend getting at least 500GB. The USB hard-drives are just for storage. I’ll copy footage over to my internal hard drive if I want a good editing experience.

ultimate storage guide for content creators

Larger external USB 3 storage with a plug

In my bases around the world I invest in the larger drives like the Seagate 6TB with 2 additional usb ports and 2 months of free Adobe Photoshop. I also trust the Seagate expansion hard drives.

ultimate storage guide for content creators

Portable External USB 3 Storage

when it comes to portable drives I also trust seagate hard drive.

My favorite are the 5TB or 4TB Seagate external drives. They are reliable. I think have 8 or 10 of them. They are great for travel and you can offload footage from your SSD onto here. I use for for raw footage and curated footage backups.

All the hard drives mentioned including the Seagate 5tb you can purchase and view in the link below. Some of them even come with 2 months of Adobe Photoshop so check the label.

SD Cards

ultimate storage guide for content creators
I use these mini sd cards on my drones and mirrorless cameras for shooting 4k

When it comes to SD card you’ll want a reliable and fast enough card to read and write that powerful 4K footage. I’ve used these Sandisk Extreme mini sd cards with the SD card Adaptor for years. I recommend at least a 64gb and the 128 gb is my favorite especially in 2020 as prices have come down. If you the mini sd cards in your smartphone.

Cloud Storage

You also recommend having a cloud storage solution to backup my valuable assets. and deliver video files to clients. I may talk about this more in the future, but for now I prefer to use google drive’s 2TB paid plan as well as Dropbox 2TB. I like that they are well supported, have servers around the world for consistent international performance, and good apps for retrieving and sending links on the go!

Check out my full content Creator Gear Guide and get the PDF