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Udemy, Teachable – Online Course Editing & Publishing Service for Teachers

Udemy, Teachable – Online Course Editing & Publishing Service for Teachers
May 17, 2018 ghung
Udemy Editing Service

Udemy, Skillshare Teachable – Online Course Editing & Publishing Service for Teachers

Udemy, Skillshare Teachable – Online Course Editing Service for Teachers

Udemy Course editing service for Teachers

Yes! I’m also a Udemy Instructor of 17 Courses


Save Time & Pain Video Editing your Course

Whether you’re an Online Udemy Instructor or Teacher for your own or another platform we offer an editing and publishing service for you. As an Udemy Instructor of 17 Course myself I’m aware of how much work goes into actually producing an Online Course. I also know the main teaching platforms like Udemy, Skilshare, and Teachable and the nuances of each of these platforms. The truth is most teachers are not videographers, marketers, or editors. It just so happens that I’m a Videographer and an Video Editor as well!

Let us help you out as a trusted, reliable, and timely option to outsource the Video editing of your Udemy or Online Course.

We Can help you with Publishing the course as well

We know that the the work does not stop with the edited lessons. You still need to upload the lessons to the platform, edit, title, create the copy landing and earn good reviews to prepare for your launch. We can also help publish your course as we’ve done this many times as well and save you additional time.


Vancouver videographer

Video Editing in Vancouver BC Canada

How does it work?

    1. Contact us and let us know the amount of footage and what camera you shot it on. (example Panasonic gh5 4k 20gb of footage)
    2. Once we agree to do your project we take 60% deposit and provide a cloud drive for you to upload your footage
    3. Let us know the music, length and any editing notes for the video
    4. Give us a template of an existing teacher you like or we can help you first develop a template for the course
    5. We download the footage and edit the first drafts for your to view
    6. You provide feedback on the first draft
    7. We revise the video for you to view
    8. If you’re happy we will share Final Video with you on dropbox (.mov or .mp4 format)

Past Clients

We produce videos for international clients from Schneider electric, Macquarie, and payoneer

Bangkok Videographer

These are Actual Video lessons from my Udemy Courses

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