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Hi my name is Greg. I'm a global citizen of Chinese descent, born in South Africa, growing up in Canada, traveling the world, and living abroad in Asia for almost 3 years. Yes it's complicated I know.  After building a successful career in IT I left the corporate world in 2011 after completing my MBA at SFU in Vancouver. I have been traveling the world with my camera's, living abroad, and getting paid for my passion. In this book you will learn about the journey, challenges, and the business models I used to design the lifestyle I wanted. A lifestyle of time, location, and creative freedom where I've lived in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Vancouver doing what I love. I've designed this book to inspire you, teach you, and entertain you.

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Greg Hung

Greg Hung is South African Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. He has a 13 year background in technology. He began his passion for video in 2011 after selling everything to begin traveling the world. He started flying with the first generation drone Phantom 1 in Australia in 2013. In 2015 he was sponsored by California company Curious.com to produce one of the first 3rd generation Phantom 3 on-line video courses. He has flown in Siem Riep, Myanmar, Singapore, Vancouver, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. He sells his video footage and teaches people video and business.

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