Travel videographer lifestyle

Travel Videographer Lifestyle

What is the Travel Videographer Lifestyle? I lived abroad in countries like Chiang Mai, Penang, and Bali and got to live like a local, enjoy the local foods and culture, and filmed video footage of exotic scenery. 4 years ago I left on a journey from Vancouver and sold the last of my possessions on craigslist. I was armed with a laptop,a website, camera gear, some savings, a Taiwan 1 year working holiday visa, and my dreams.

4 years later I have a chance to reflect on that journey. For starters the DJI Phantom 1 drone had just been released. I ended up getting one shipped to me in Honolulu before my journey to Asia. This was the start of my path to becoming an Aerial Videographer.

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I built a new life in Taiwan, new friends, filmed many videos, and traveled to nearby destinations in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. I even had a steady relationship there and discovered new ways to monetize my footage online. I returned to visit to Vancouver, but couldn’t imagine life there so returned to Taiwan. I taught English while scaling up my business and eventually fell into online teaching. I got introduced to Digital nomad culture while in Taiwan. My research brought me to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Chiang Mai was a special place that had become the organic epicenter of digital nomads. I made the decision to relocate here, and had to say goodbye to my life in Taiwan. This is one of most challenging things as a digital nomad: to leave your life and rebuild a new one. Chiang Mai was good to me, and I met good down to earth hard workers with dreams. I used the cheap cost of living and digital nomad friendly resources to scale up my video collection and online video business. Thailand was a great travel base, and a great environment to learn. I filmed and travelled to places like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. I worked out of co-workspaces like Mana, Elephant, Camp, and Punspace with other digital nomads feeding off the hustle energy of young entrepreneurs that were serious about their business.

I had a built a sustained online passive income that had given me the freedom to have my own schedule and work where I wanted. I had great experiences, had great food, and I think I have one of the most diverse 4k aerial footage collections in Asia and Vancouver. To some I am living the dream. Hopefully I can inspire future Travel Videographers out there to start there journey. The technology and information is out there. Be sure to check out my free resources and Online Travel Videographer School for video and lifestyle guide tips.

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