top tips for productivity working from home

Top 3 tips to stay productive working from home

Top 3 tips to stay productive working from home

top tips for productivity working from home

Working from home sounds like a dream for some, but many people realized during the lockdown pandemic impacting the globe that working from home has it’s own challenges. There are many distractions in the household and other factors that compete for your focus and attention. As someone with more than a decade of experience working from multiple spaces mostly from different homes in Vancouver Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia I can pass on my experience.


  1. Workspace Setup
  2.  Prioritize
  3. Routine

Work Space Setup

You want to make sure you have your essentials like a solid desk, chair, and fast internet. These are the essentials for a digital nomad. We want to take that a step further and look a bit deeper. Your desk should be at the right height that you can comfortable type while having your wrists and forearms ideally at horizontal 90 degrees. It’s nice to also switch up to a standing desk once in a while. This is touching on ergonomics, which is a topic about your body safety and health in the workspace. A comfortable chair with good back and headrest support is essential for working long periods of time. For productivity I like to use a gaming tactile keyboard. I find it is more comfortable to type and I get really crunch out those emails or blog posts :). Of course fast internet (20 mpbs download and upload) is a bare essentials. Because I do video work I look for 100bmps or higher. Another good companion to  your keyboard is a wireless mouse and a nice large monitor. I can go on forever like about this, but once you create a comfortable work space you will be generally more productive over the long run. These days I have more of a Creator Studio setup, so I can invest more into my home office like having a chair, monitor for video editing, and professional microphone with an arm stand.



Okay i get it. You want to work hard and grind and hustle, but are you working on the most important things. Are you prioritizing your work? It’s good to have an overall idea of the priorities of your company, department, or brand. I like to focus on my revenue generating activities first that are usually freelance client activities like responding to emails for quotes, looking for new client work, and making sure my portfolio is up to date. The next priority is to focus on longer term online passive income things like my Youtube Channel, Building online courses, and promoting other digital products across social media. The bottom line is figure out what is important to you over the long term to guide your prioritization.I like to do a monthly business income report and analysis to revisit how my priorities.  On a daily basis you can set to do lists using whatever app or go old school and write it on a notebook like I do. Another tip is to shut down all distractions like facebook and putting y our phone on silent with the screen facing the desk not you. You can get more tactical on this. In the morning after a good healthy breakfast and caffeine I like to focus on the more brain intensive tasks like writing blog posts or sales copy. Later on in the day I can lighter stuff like video editing or stock footage key wording.


Having a routine is important to train your body and yourself to get into a rhythm for the day to be productive. If you don’t have a routine most people these days will probably resort to checking their smartphone. My routine adjusts to the country that I’m in. Currently in Vancouver Canada I’m in a 2 week quarantine. I’m trying to sleep on a more or less regular schedule. Wake up around 7am and sleep around 11pm. I’m generally quite productive early mornings. My routine at the moment is to boil the water for coffee, brush my teeth, and prepare a healthy breakfast. I’ll do a bit of yoga in morning to stretch the body and practice some gratitude. I start my work day after in my work space and work until lunch. After quarantine I will probably introduce short 20 minute walks to take a break from the computer. Having a routine may not be exciting, but it keeps you on a productive pattern. If things get stale you change up your routine like working at a cafe or just taking a break once in a while.




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