Time for Taiwan video – 3 minutes around Taiwan

A friend told me that Tourism Taiwan was having a video competition called Time for Taiwan. Having lived and filmed throughout Taiwan for the past year I thought this would be a good opportunity to video together. I thought this would be an opportunity to show Taiwan in an original way.

Please vote for our video currently entered in the Time for Taiwan video by Clicking here

currently we have over 550 votes. If we get over 5000 votes I’m going to share the full details about how this production was made.

I had been taking footage for the past year and slowly but surely I traveled and filmed all the main destinations in Taiwan with the help of my friend Serena. In the past 3 months I upgraded our aerial quadcopter and I was able to take some aerial footage, which you can see in the video.  So here it is. I
hope you enjoy it. I welcome any questions about the video.

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The Art of Travel video


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