The Business of Video & Photography – Online Video course

The Business of Video & Photography

Start a video & photography business without a brick & mortar store

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This course focuses on the business and technology side of starting a Video and Photography business. I created this course because when I decided to start a video business back in 2011 I realized I had not learned the skills I needed from my MBA or video classes.

Tips for doing a Corporate Training Video
  • Learn practical business and technology skills to start your business
  • Learn how to get your website, logo, business card, and footage reel ready for potential clients
  • Get an overview of some of the gear you could invest in
  • Learn a process and mindset to improve your skills
  • Learn how to network and get potential business leads
  • Learn how to manage the entire sales cycle from pre-sales, negotiation, to invoicing

Get how to create a video treatment and manage customer expectations

Learn tips that will help you execute the shoot successfully on game day

Learn practical things like how I got my website, logo, and business card

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What my Students are saying

  Nancy Thomas Wardcourse student

10X review! Woow above and beyond my expectations so many points that I had never thought about. Highly recommended, Nancy

Michael Jones
  A zzcourse student

Great for newcomers to get info and determine next steps

The course is great for those who want to learn about setting up a photography/video business . It gives an overall perspective, especially focusing on video.

This is NOT a course for someone who already is in the business or is seeking technical details on how to edit a video in Apple Mac or take a quality photo in low light.

However, instead if focuses on the other skills needed to run the business. It starts at the beginning covering logos, websites, and social media. The gear/software needed and why is covered. It discusses how to get business with examples and then completes the course with info on invoicing and "game" day shooting. It discusses the various resources that are available out there so the student can deep dive into any of those areas. The instructor provides great real-world tips and examples.

In conclusion, this is great for the newbie to learn about the business and get them going. It will also help them decide the next steps they will take.

Michael Jones

Greg Hung

Aerial Videographer, On-line Instructor

Greg Hung is South African Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. He has a 13 year background in technology. He began his passion for video in 2011 after selling everything to begin traveling the world. He started flying with the first generation drone Phantom 1 in Australia in 2013. In 2015 he was sponsored by California company to produce one of the first Phantom 3 on-line video courses. He has flown in Siem Riep, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.


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