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Thanks for signing up for the free Aerial photography class and the Travel Videography Lifestyle. I hope you enjoy this free course, and wanted to let you know I offer more than just drone courses. I offer courses on other amazing travel friendly camera's like the DJI Osmo, Go Pro 3 - 5, and Canon SLR camera's. I do this by living abroad from destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Taiwan and more.  I also have built an Online Video business where I teach online, do freelance videos, and monetize on my footage. I've put together the full Aerial Videography Class plus 4 other hot courses in the promo below.

Travel Videographer Starter Bundle

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Try the Travel Videographer Starter bundle and get access to the full version of the Aerial Videography course plus 4 other great courses like Gopro, Stock Footage, Launching an Online Video Business, and Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai for $9.50 on our Monthly Subscription for the first month. Click here or enter the coupon code "WELCOMETOTRAVELVIDEOGRAPHY2" to claim this promo.

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 My goal in this course is to help you fly and take great aerial footage safely, but here are some special offers you may be interested in.