Thanks for Purchasing
the Final Cut Pro X Sharpening Plug-in

Please download the zip package here. If you are having issues with installation please follow the troubleshooting steps below

If you have never installed any 3rd party effects for your Final Cut Pro X you may have problems with the install. If you do please follow this workaround:

1) Download and install the free luster color grade presets from this link

2) Before you install close Final Cut Pro x (FCPX)

2) Run the installer for this software

3) Open FCPX and check the effects browser for the luster grade preset

4) If it is there close FCPX and follow the normal instructions to install the sharpening package

5) Open FCPX and check the effects browser and you should see the sharpening package

I apologize for the inconvenience and will try to get a better solution in the future. However, this is a great set of color grade presets that I use and recommend you add to your FCPX.