tesla stock footage

Tesla Stock Footage 4K with NFT Access

Tesla Stock Footage 4K

Our Tesla Stock Footage collection features clips of the Tesla model 3 from multiple angles (drone, pov, side) that you can use for your commercial projects.

You will receive 31 4K resolution clips of the Tesla Model 3 for use in your commercial projects. The footage was shot in Vancouver in different backdrops.

tesla stock footage

Check out some of our sample video clips

We also have minted a non fungible token (nft) that you can use cryptocurrency to pay for the footage. NFT holders will receive a link with unlockable content that they can access the footage from. Click this link to access the NFT. We are the first are one of the first to be able to offer NFT access to the Tesla Stock Footage.

Free 4K Stock Footage

Sample our International Stock Footage Collection by Signing up for Free Video Clips each week from our Collection from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore,Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Vietnam , South Africa and More!

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