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  • cowork space and cafe stock footage

    Co-work space & Cafe Stock Footage from Around the World

    It’s becoming the norm to see people working from coffee shops and leave the confines of that gray cubicle. Check…

  • coworking in canada vs asia

    Coworking in Canada Vs Asia – Cafes Vs Workspace Vs Working from home

    I’ve had the unique opportunity to work on my laptop from Asia and Vancouver, Canada since 2011. As laptops and…

  • volleyball stock footage

    Volleyball Grass – Stock Footage

    Volleyball Stock Footage Our volleyball footage collection is shot in 4k resolution with stabilized cameras. It features a young diverse…

  • suburban stock footage

    Free Suburban Stock footage – Canada

    Our suburban stock footage collection was shot in the Cambie Village westside suburb in Vancouver, Canada. You’ll see suburb stereotypes…

  • Maldives stock footage aerial luxury resort antara

    Free 4k Aerial Royalty Free Stock Footage

    Free 4k Aerial Royalty Free Stock Footage You can sample our Free¬† Aerial Royalty Free Stock footage collection from exotic…

  • Vancouver Canada Videographer

    Videographer Canada Vancouver

    Videographer Canada Vancouver Professional Video Gear The gear we use are powerful, but agile allowing us to offer high quality…

  • Vancouver Stock footage

    Free Vancouver Summer Stock Footage

    Free Vancouver Summer Stock Footage Get some Free sample from our Vancouver Summer Stock Footage collection that features 4k video…

  • Videpgrapher in Sri Lanka

    The Lifestyle experiment – Living & coworking in Vancouver Gastown

    Digital Nomad in Vancouver Canada is not a destination you hear about a lot. Most of it has to do…

  • Vancouver digital nomad

    #17 @NigelFish – Running man & Vancouver Digital Nomad

    Nigel Fish is a Canadian running junkie and location independent developer junkie that is living a pimp downtown lifestyle in…

  • Maldives Videographer for hire

    Coaching for Videographers & Content Creators wanting a Travel Lifestyle

    Start Skype Coaching Coaching for Videographers & Content Creators wanting a Travel Lifestyle We offer coaching for existing or aspiring…