Stock Footage Report 2015 – What videos actually sell

Stock Footage Report


Stock Footage Report 2015

Hi welcome to the sign up page for the free Stock Footage report. Are you frustrated trying to figure out what type of videos actually sell then you ?

Me too! I haven’t been able to  find comprehensive specific information on video clips that sell. I took matters into my own hands. I’ve been getting enough sales that I have a good dataset to analyze trends. I’ve collected 157 video clips across Shutterstock and Pond 5 that have actually sold for me.

So far I can definitely see some trends emerging. For Example, this single video clip shot in Las Vegas Wynn brings me repeated sales across stock agencies. In this report I will analyze these video clips and many others to see why.

Sample Case study from the report

Wynn In Las Vegas – My best seller

This has been my best selling video clip on pond 5 and shutterstock. Sales from this clips is somewhere in the double digits. I shot it in the Wynn on a Canon 5d Mark 3 I rented with a 35mm f 1.4 that I rented from I provided a copy of the invoice below.
I shot it on a tripod and actually didn’t spend too much time framing or planning it. We were actually in a rush to meet our friends at the Wynn buffet. It was a low angle shot that is really colorful and vibrant. I was a bit lucky that the combination of the colors and how the ceiling and carpet converge into the middle of frame make for a unique shot. Another interesting fact was that this was a selfie video shot where I’m actually walking in this shot with my friend. There seems to be a pattern with video clips that sell when I’m in it. I’m not joking. Perhaps I should do more. I actually created a variation of this best selling clip as I noticed sequenced video clips, that is video clips with more than one angle seemed to be selling well. In this particular video clip in Feb 2015 I added a second angle and increased the price from $60 US to $75 US and it has already sold.

What can you learn from this?

First, I’ve sold other video clips from Vegas but those are more one-offs. I’m not ready to say that footage of Vegas is a strong trend, but I’m keeping an eye on it. There are certainly a lot of things to take footage of in Vegas. I’ve traveled the world and there are few places like it. My unfair advantage is that I used to live in Vancouver so getting to Las Vegas was not too expensive. Again this clip wasn’t really planned, but I did take the trouble to set my camera on a tripod, frame it and do a selfie video shot of my friend. Instinctively, from time to time I have the urge to do a video shot of something. Do you get urges to take a photo of something? Listen to these innate urges and shoot some video of it. Second lesson is that perhaps you want to consider renting some gear to get a unique look. This 35mm F1.4 is a very wide and good lens in low light. It cost me $64 US to rent it, but through the sales of this clip I’ve already paid it off. If you really enjoy the equipment you can consider purchasing it as an investment. The third lesson is that you may want to consider creating related sequences of your best selling clips. Make sure the best selling clip is the first angle, and add on a second related or third angle and feel free to increase the price. You’re giving the customer good value as they might have paid $120 US for it. It doesn’t cost you any additional money, but now you’re selling a clip at a higher price.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.56.13 PM
The table of contents from the 2015 report
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.21.25 PM
Invoice from my lens rental

More in this report

  • Which clips sell? Food, nightlife, lifestyle, people, travel. I’m going to pin down, which ones sell

  • What type of shots sell? dolly, pans, tilts, handshot, aerials

  • Do any countries seem to get more sales than others?

Stock Footage Report
I’ve sold enough clips to analyze the patterns on what sells


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