Stock Travel Footage Available for licensing

Stock Travel Footage

stock travel footage
stock travel footage


We have high definition stock video and picture travel footage in our library from the following locations:

Footage filmed in 2011

Hong Kong
Taipei, Taiwan
Guang Zhou
Turks & Caicos

Footage filmed in 2012

Las Vegas
Vancouver, BC
Grand Canyon
Napa Valley
Victoria, BC
San Francisco

Footage filmed in 2013

Footage filmed in 2014

Hong Kong

In 2013 we now offer quality aerial, driving, and underwater footage for most cities. Please see the legend below

*high definition driving tours available
#Aerial footage available
Underwater footage available

Australia (Sydney#, Melbourne#*, Adelaide*, Brisbane#*, Gold Coast*, Sunshine Coast*, Cairns*, Great Barrier Reef)
New Zealand (Auckland#*)
South Africa (Pretoria, Johannesburg*, Capetown*, Kruger National Park*)

Stock footage from our library can be used for your TV show, corporate presentation, or website. Almost any footage you see produced by ChicVoyage Productions is available for licensing.

Video Format

NTSC Broadcast quality QuickTime (.mov) at 1920 X 1080 H.264, Linear PCM at 24 frames per second. The H.264 video format has a very broad application range that covers all forms of digital compressed video from low bit-rate Internet streaming applications to HDTV broadcast and Digital Cinema applications with nearly lossless coding

This footage can also be transcoded to many different formats for digital distribution such as MP4, Video iPod, iPhone, etc. We can transcode the video clips into the format that you require.

Driving, underwater, and aerial footage in 2013 is filmed in 1080p and 60 fps and is slow motion friendly.

Video Content

We provide most of the raw footage from Chicvoyage videos for your use if licensed. This means that you can use the unedited footage to edit for your own use.

Licensing Rates

Our rates vary according to the amount of videos that are ordered and the type of video clips. Videos Clips prices may vary from as low as $30 per clip to $150 USD.  They can be  delivered via Blu-Ray, DVD-ROM or through the Internet depending on your situation and the amount of videos that are licensed.

Licensing Rights

The video clips cannot be re-sold or re-licensed to a third party. If the video clips are broadcast online, they can only appear on 1 (one) url, and are prohibited from being used in any other websites. The clips can be re-edited to suit your purpose.  Sponsors logos can be inserted into the final product.

If you would like to license our footage or have any further inquiries, please contact us


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