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How the Stock Performer tool helped me discover $100US in lost earnings at 123RF stock agency

The Stock performer tool is a website service that allows you to connect to your footage across stock footage agencies. They recently partnered with stock footage agency Videoblocks. I decided to try it out. As you know I’ve been trying to share intelligence on my footage collection and performance. It takes a lot of manual accounting to do this work. I can tell you that this tool provides this information and saved me countless hours to identify key trends. I think it is most useful to stock contributors with a larger collection across agencies and that have at least a year of doing it to allow patterns to emerge. If you’re looking for which stock footage agencies to work with they already have plugins with some of the main agencies. After an hour of using it I discovered $100US in earnings sitting at 123RF stock footage agency. I’m excited about this new tool and recommend you give it a try at this link.

Sample case scenariostock performer tool

stock performer tool

stock performer toolstock performer toolIn this screen I’m able to get a monthly snapshot of my stock footage earnings. Keep in mind this does not include data from agencies like motionelements, dissolve, or pixta. It also provides useful information like comparison’s to the previous year or previous month. Another stat I can see being useful is the number of uploads per agency. Keep in mind you can display these stats on an annual basis as well.

stock performerTry out the Stock Performer Tool

this is an affiliate link that provides you a free trial and helps provide more time with the tool.


stock performer


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