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This is page if your single place on the web to arm you with helpful information if you are a stock footage contributor


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There is plenty of valuable free information and videos on this site for the stock footage contributor. Here are some popular places to start. Check our blog to find other articles.

Stock Footage FAQ

Which Stock footage agencies earn money


Stock Footage Reports

Stock footage agencies do not provide information on the customer or sales making it challenging as a contributor to figure out high demand categories. Sign up to our Monthly news letter to receive ongoing reports based on actual sales to identify patterns and trends

First Stock Footage Report

August 2015 Report

Stock footage-3
Sep 2015 stock footage report

On-line Video Courses

My on-line course offerings provide you with the knowledge you need to get the fundamentals of stock footage. I also offer specific courses that will help you with your video production skills to take your stock footage skills to a more advanced level. Step by Step videos are practical hands-on video designed you everything you need to know from beginning to end

stock footage for contributors
This stock footage course will teach you everything you need to know to get started



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