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Skype Coaching & consultation for business minded Location Independent Videographers

Skype Coaching & consultation for business minded Location Independent Videographers
May 17, 2016 ghung

Skype coaching for videographers interested in building their online business or the digital nomad lifestyle is now available. Last night I did a skype coaching call with an enrolled student from the US and have another planned with a photography from Germany. When I was first starting out I could have benefited greatly by having a mentor or an online coach. I would saved a lot of time, money, and made less mistakes on this journey.

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I offer personalized coaching related to online business, videography, and location independence specializing in Asia (digital nomad lifestyle). I offer plenty of free content on my website, the free mini courses available through my online video school, and my full paid online courses.

Perhaps you’ve gone through my content and would like to speak with me one on one directly to answer some burning questions issues that I haven’t covered. Perhaps you need some mentoring to get started building your online video business and earning a regular online passive income. If you’ve taken my course content i can help supplement your course progress with questions or a review of your portfolio or website.

Some other ideas of how you can use your skype coaching

– Provide Stock footage advice on your portfolio, workflows, or anything related to it
– Travel videography with the phantom drones and SLR camera’s
– Starting a Freelance Videography business while living abroad
– Learning different online business models to monetize on your talent/skills or your video footage
– Provide mentoring on your journey to becoming a location independent digital nomad in Taiwan or Thailand or anything about the experience or what life is like here

Tips for the Travel Videographer

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