Chicvoyage in Shanghai Travel Show

This is the first promotional cinematic trailer for the ChicVoyage in Shanghai show produced by ChicVoyage Productions.

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ChicVoyage in Shanghai is a 12 minute quality travel film production that incorporates modern film production technologies and. In this film you will follow the journey of a man pursuing his heart and passion, but also valuable information and a modern spotlight in one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Follow Greg’s adventure and experience modern Shanghai in high definition 1080P filmed in December 2011. Greg falls into a tourist trap on East Nanjing road and meets with local friend Jeff Lin for a trip to the Ancient town and the night life district Xin Tian Di. Greg will be offer tips and host your experience for the following locations:
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Note: Two sets of numbers that appear at the beginning of each location are Latitude and Longitude coordinates that you can use to pinpoint the location covered in the show.







• Langham Yangtze Hotel
• Xin Tian Di
• East Nanjing Road at day and night
• Huang Pu District including peoples square
• Shanghai Urban exhibition planning center
• Sinan Mansions
• Shanghai Museum
• The Bund
• Jin Mao Tower
• Pearl Tv Tower
• Jing’ an district including Jing’ an temple
• Qi Bao – Ancient Town with special guest Jeff Lin
• Shanghai World Financial Center
• Inside glimpse – Vancouver with Greg Hung
• Sneak preview of Singapore with Caslin Liu

Entrepreneur Greg Hung sold his home and left his job in Vancouver BC, Canada to pursue his dream of building a global company ChicVoyage, dedicated to sharing travel experiences Chic style.

In 2011 his journey took him to Montreal, Whistler, Turks and Caicos, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Xian, and Taiwan.

Purchase Chicvoyage in Shanghai Travel Show – $10



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