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Learn to sell your footage shot from your Gopro, Drone, or camera.

Many videographers know how to license their footage now on stock agencies. many of them also complain today whether it is the payout structures of agencies like Shutterstock or complains about how competitive it is. The trust is that it has become more competitive in 2020.

If you don't want to deal with agencies then you have learn to sell your footage. You have to make sure that you have a great product. You need to know how to film great footage and you need to know how to curate your footage so that it is ready to be used by a customer. 

Most stock footage contributors know how to do this. The next step is learn how to build and automated system to sell and deliver the footage and you need to learn how to market it. Having a website helps you need to spend some time to put together some videos that showcase your work, learn the e-commerce system so that they can purchase, and have it automatically delivered. I made a course to teach you the specifics step by step. you need to learn how to build your own Stock Footage Machine. Stock Footage Machine will help Videographers, Content Creator, and Film-makers how to sell their footage directly to clients instead of going through stock footage agencies. Keep all the profits and use your time effectively providing footage directly to the customer.

My Stock Footage Machine course will teach you the following:

  • Learn how to license your footage on the blackbox agency
    • Learn how to sell your footage directly to customers a la carte single clip complete with watermarking, shopping cart, and license agreements
    • How to use different systems to build your own Stock footage Machines to either license your footage sets or via subscriptions direct to customers
    • Learn step by step how to build your product, market it, sell it, and deliver it automatically
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