how to sell stock footage direct

Sell Stock Footage – Learn How to Sell Direct

Sell Stock Footage – Learn How to Sell Direct

Learning to sell your footage direct will allow you to get away from the mainstream competition on the agencies. There is a strong demand for video content and that b-roll also known as stock footage helps businesses improve their production value. For many years content creators, film-makers, and videographers have made money on stock agencies like Pond 5.

However, there is a lot of competition and I believe the stock footage marketplace has reached a saturation point.

how to sell stock footage direct

Commissioned Footage

If you want to reach a different level of success selling your footage you need to learn to sell your footage direct to the customer.  On some commissioned stock footage shoots you can earn from $200-1200 US by supplying footage requested by a customer. This is more of a freelance trading time for money model. It’s great because it pays well and it doesn’t require editing. If you want to learn how to do commissioned footage you need the gear, skills and a portfolio as a pre-requisite. The missing piece is being able to find these customers and build the direct relationship with them. That is why the stock agencies do no share the contact information of the customers with you. They spend a lot of money on marketing their platform so you don’t have to. The issue is that they take from 50 to 70% of your revenue.

Licensing your own footage

To sell your footage you can do so on a clip al la carte or package your footage into sets or collections. I have recently found a site that will give you the technology to license your own video clips al la carte. They are still very new and so I’m going to wait until they iron out some of the wrinkles. They take care of the water-marking, shopping cart, and storage. You can check out the instaclip platform to try this out.

Stock Footage Collections

Another way you can license  your footage that I have done is by selling a subscription to access your entire collection or one of your collections. The advantage of this is that you have less administration and provide good value to the customer. You also need to choose the right platforms to build a system to sell subscriptions to  your customers.

There are clear benefits to Sell your Stock Footage Direct. Just because you sell direct doesn’t mean  you have to stop selling on stock agencies.

If you want to learn more of the tools to implement your own system to sell direct and how to execute please sign up for a free lessons and an invite to the upcoming course Stock Footage Machine.






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