Resources for Videographers
Disclaimer: I use everything that I recommend here. In some cases I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you through affiliate links. I appreciate your support

Stock Footage Agencies

Pond 5
Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

 Pond5 is one of my top earning stock footage agencies. Their site was easy to use, upload, and their review turn around is pretty fast. I’ve got my largest collection of videos here and I get paid from this site.


Videoblocks is now known as storyblocks and I use them as my stock footage library 


Pixta is an agency based in Shibuya Tokyo. They are a great friendly team and even though my collection is relatively small on here (under 2000) compared to the big 3 they pay out well. I've personally met the team and they are friendly and commited to improving their platform.

Stock footage PIXTA

Motion Elements
MotionElements - Royalty-Free Marketplace For Stock Video, Music, After Effects Templates

This Singapore company got me into the Stock footage game. I’m thankful for that. Their website is very easy to work with in terms of uploading and using the CSV files. They have started to get me regular sales.

Online Platforms & Services

My Podcast
I also have a podcast

I also have a podcast which is a free Internet radio show. I interview other entrepreneurs around the world. Sometimes they are experts in video, audio, and social media or a different field. This is also a great source of free information. You can listen on iTunes or find me on the stitcher app.

Default Creative-30percent

You can learn anything from this online video-based learning platform based in the US. The technology has been proven for students and teachers. This a also great platform to begin teaching on-line courses and earning an online income


A less well-known platform catering to creators for learning and teaching. You can leverage lessons or courses that you have already made and taught on Udemy and put them on this platform to earn you an additional revenue stream.


Teachable is a great platform if you want to build your own online teaching school. The technology is solid so you can focus on building your courses and focus on marketing. This is often a progression for Udemy teachers that want to put their premium content on their own school.

Wordpress Cardinal Theme

Wordpress is the most popular platform to build your business and personal blog in my opinion. After choosing wordpress I use the Cardinal Theme on my website to soup it up. You can get the theme from here.


A top question I get is how to monetize on Youtube. Youtube is the Internet's 2nd largest search engine and I use it as a channel to provide free tutorials and promote my paid courses. Youtubers can also earn revenue but the return for the amount of effort unless you go viral is not a strategy I recommend.


CC Mixter and Iconmusic8  is where I go to look for music I can use for my videos from courses to youtube. It is free and easy to understand way to credit artists. No brainer

Call Recorder for Skype

I use the Call Recorder for Skype to record my video podcasts with guests that are not in the same location. For example I record my video conversation from Chiang Mai to a guest in California. Call recorder also does split screens and many more options. Try it free here.

Website Host - Siteground

This website is hosted on Siteground. I used to use Godaddy, which has been reliable, but over time I heard that this website was slowing down. My friends Michael & Dylan helped migrated this website to Siteground in 2016 and it has been loading fast ever since. I also was able to migrated by site over to the https encrypted standard free and very easily, which is important to google and your seo going forward.


Gumroad is a good hosting platform for selling any type of digital product. They care of hosting, selling, and delivery allowing you to experiment selling different products. It integrates with dropbox saving on re-uploads to the Internet.


Dropbox is my cloud service for hosting files. I pay $10Us for a 1tb plan. I trust them to take care of backing up my files and keeping them safe. I send clients finished videos via dropbox and link to essential course content from gumroad and teachables via dropbox. This saves time on re-uploading files.


You need a trusted Internet Bank to receive earnings from Online platforms and clients. Paypal is what I use.  It doesn't have the cheapest fees but I recommend having it as its the most widely accepted platform to receive payments. From there you can link to to bank accounts in different countries to transfer money.

Transfer Wise

This payment platform was introduced to me by a trusted friend. It's built by the makers of skype to help you transfer money between international banks with lower fees. It doesn't work with paypal, but you can transfer money from paypal to your home bank. From there you can transfer from your home bank to your bank abroad. I've used it and it works.

Sumo Me

Sumome is a wordpress plugin I use for some must have features for the business blogger. The floating share bar, easy to read google analytics, heat maps, and email pop-ups are the features I use from Sumo-me


I use this VPN as a service on my laptop and mobile devices. I use it  to protect my devices when I use public wifi (which is often). Even though I may be in Asia the VPN allows my devices to come from anywhere in the world allowing me to access content blocked from certain countries. This is important to access to the US Netflix from Asia lol.


I started a podcast this year and I use Libsyn as my host to store my podcasts.

B  & H Photo Video

If there is equipment I’m interesting in checking the price for, the details, and the reviews this is where I go. If I’m in another country and want to check the price I go here. I’ve purchased my aerial drone from here. You can also sell used equipment here.

Convert Kit Email Marketing

I've been using mailchimp for free to build my audience and email list starting out. After I started trying to do more advance things like email sequence automation and integration with gumroad and teachable Convertkit was a better choice.

Agoda Bookings

I used Agoda to book hotels in Asia if an airbnb is not available. There website search is easy to use and filter to the right location and value I'm looking for. I trust their reviews and their booking system is easy to use.



digital nomad videographer
2019 Video Gear Guide

I share my entire gear kit for creating creating video, lighting, and sound. A Free download for signing up at

DJI Mavic Air

This is the drone I use and recommend for creating stable 4k aerial videos and photos in a portable package. A great buy

Knowledge & Gurus

Travel Videographer School

My online courses ranging from Videographer, Aerial Video, Online Business, Travel Lifestyle Guide.

Chase Jarvis

I was introduced to Chase first in my photography class because of his famous kung-fu photo and by another friend that shared a video interview he had with Ramit Sethi. I visit his blog and YouTube videos because of his Live show where he interviews interesting people to share valuable information.Chase seems to have the the dream photographer career and lifestyle which gives us something to aspire to

Phillip Bloom

Phillip Bloom is an entertaining British Videographer. If you are pursuing videography I'm sure you will come across his blogs or work. His opinion is well respected and he loves his toys and sharing in depth reviews about them on his blog.

Vincent LaForet

As I understand it Vincent shot a video called Reverie that was responsible for starting the Canon 5d Mark 2 SLR revolution. I go to Vince’s blog to check out his awesome gear kits. If you’re looking for the technical details on equipment and for keeping up with someone that makes movies with the most cutting edge equipment check his page.

Pat Flynn

Patt Flynn is a trusted role model in Internet Business and marketing for me and a lot of others. He recommends a model of authenticity and transparency.  I follow his podcast and his blog for inspiration and information.

DIY Video Guy

DIY Video guy is the videographer for Pat Flynn. He is pretty active blog and youtube channel providing good gear reviews and tutorials.

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