real estate videography

Real Estate Videography Tips

real estate videography
vacation property video in Auckland New Zealand

Real Estate Videography Tips

Whether you want some real estate videography tips for showcasing a property you are selling or showcasing an Airbnb here are some of my top tips. I’ve done paid jobs for beautiful properties in Vancouver, Australia, and New Zealand. These tips are current with camera technology in 2020.

Real Estate videography using a Drone

Wide Angle Camera Lens

If you are using a DSLR or mirrorless camera body with a detachable lens then I recommend a wide lens to make sure you can capture shots in tight spaces and make them appear larger. If you are using action cameras or gimbal camera’s like DJI Osmo then these camera’s already have wide angle lenses. An example would be a 12–60mm or 18–35mm. Choose a lens with a lower aperture like F 2.8 or lower to capture as much light as possible

Use stabilization and movement to make the video more interesting

These days you advanced stabilization in camera bodies and the lenses. You can add addition stabilization using a gimbal especially if you are using your smartphone to film, which is acceptable in 2020. If you want to learn more about gimbal film-making whether it’s with your phone or your hybrid camera check out our course. Here is an example of this style of filming. If you want a more traditional style of video you can use a tripod. Here are videos showing you both styles

Highlight the best features of the property

If the best feature of the property is the kitchen or the patio view be sure to capture that. Of course you want to film the entire property, but film high production shots of the best selling features. It may the amenities offers a killer swimming pool or view. Be sure to include that in your video. Help potentials customers imagine what the lifestyle is like to live in this area and this property.

Vlog Style

You can make your video more personable by doing a vlog selfie style. Be sure to have a good wireless microphone or shotgun mic and make sure you make people feel like they are going on the tour with you and they can see the property


Drones are an awesome way to capture the wide perspective like no other camera can. If you have enough space and the person piloting the drone is experienced enough you can even film indoors. You want to make sure you have the permission to film in the city you are as well as the property of course. In this video I use a drone to film a brand new German corporate office property in Chiang Mai. We do a fly over and then later on we use a drone to showcase the production floor facility. You can learn how to fly drones here.

Video Editing

With all the great footage you need some good video editing to make it all come together. Make sure to make smooth transitions between scenes, color correction to make the property standout, titles, and some background music to add production value. I’ve edited property videos on Final Cut and Adobe Premiere and have lessons. You can also use free programs like imovie if you don’t have the budget. If you want the highest quality you want to shoot your videos in 4K resolution especially with the standard in televisions being the standard. You can more flexibility to edit 4K videos in the professional editing programs. If you don’t want to edit it yourself we can even help you out.  You can start by leaving your contact information and sending your footage via the cloud.

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