Provideo – Tips to make your Videos look more professional

Provideo - Tips to make your Videos look more professional

Stock Footage - Top tips

Many people want the secrets to make their videos look more professional. I had to dig deep, experiment, and learn from experts over time to see what actually works. I had a Canon 7d SLR, but I wasn't able to achieve the same look I had seen on the Internet. Here are some of my top tips.

Understand lighting

Every video you  do will need some form of quality natural or artificial light. The best lighting comes from natural sources. If you’re shooting outdoors shoot your video during the magic hour window about 1 hour before sunset. If you’re shooting indoors try shooting by the window and be aware of what time of day that the light is shining through the window. If you need additional lighting consider an LED light panel(s) with the ability to adjust the intensity and color temperature. You can also experiment with light by diffusing it and bouncing onto subjects.

Stock Footage - Top tips
Use the correct lens and settings to achieve a bokeh look

This is the blurred out background look that so many people like as it looks cool, cinematic, and is pleasing to the eye. To achieve this look you will need a camera body (interchangeable) where you can swap out the lens. You will need your lens to have a low aperture number like F 1.4 or F 2.8. Use a high quality lens like the Canon L series lenses to enhance this look.

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Stock Footage - Top tips
Stay on the subject & use stabilization

A telltale sign of of an amateur video is shaky footage and someone that can’t focus on a subject long enough. Stay patient and focus on what or who you want to shoot. Sometimes its tempting to jump from thing to thing, which is not enjoyable for the viewer. You can still film professional handheld video provided you use stabilization built into the lens or the camera. Maybe you can use a gimbal that offers stabilization even while you walk or move in a car. The most simple form of stabilization if you’re doing an interview or talk is to get a sturdy tripod. If you're using a Gopro you can use various mounts to improve your footage.

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