Filming for new Go pro 4 Video course has completed

Production on Go pro 4 Video course has started

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I have just wrapped up the shooting for a new on-line course Go pro 4 – Become a Hero, a course that will teach beginners how to use the Go pro 4 Hero Black camera in an on-line video format. I was surprised to see that were no course offerings on this camera on-line yet.  Having already completed 4 video related on-line courses with this being my second Gopro video course I was able to leverage my past experience into this course.
Go pro 4 Video course
Day 1 of shooting with the gear set up

I thought I would share updates from the video production side of things. For this course I decided to set up a mobile production and shoot it from the Taipei Maker Bar co-working space. My goal was to take the production value of this course to the next level. I love the environment at the space. It has a creative industrial feel and offered the right environment for me to create something special.

Go pro 4 Video course
Day 3 of production

I set up all of my own equipment in their meeting room. This type of filming ideally should require 2-3 people. With my setup I was able to control my SLR camera from my laptop allowing me to remotely record. I also combined my shotgun mic with my Blue Yeti mic to give me two options for audio. I brought 2 tripods. One for the SLR, and the second I used to hold my lite-panel for extra lighting. Later on I sat the Go pro on top of it. The room had good lighting so I didn’t need it if I sat underneath the lights.

Go pro 4 Video course
Keeping myself busy during a time-lapse

The next step will be to finish wrapping up screen recordings with Go pro studio and Final cut Pro x. After that I’ll have to start editing the course. It’s a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it.

The meeting room had some echo in it because of the glass. I noticed that  a mobile whiteboard and an Ikea mattress cushion on it helped to dampen the sound. For the field tests, I was able to get my friend William to help me out. I was able to get some footage of me using the different mounts at night.

Go pro 4 Video course
I got out for some field testing at night

I’ve previewed the footage and I’m happy with what I’ve seen and heard so far. This should take the production value of my on-line courses to another level.

The course will be available on as well as Udemy and Skillfeed with a May 2015 release date

April 11th Update

Editing of the course has been a lot of work. I hope to outsource the editing of these videos in the future. It will allow me to focus more time on actual teaching and course production. That being said I think the course is close to being 70% complete. I’ve released some preview lessons from the course


Go pro 4 Video course
Some night life action in the course
Go pro 4 Video course
I tested the Go pro in the water



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