4k premium stock footage asia and Vancouver

Premium 4k Stock Footage Collection – Vancouver, Asia, and South Africa

For the past 6 years beginning dating to 2011 I’ve built up a quality stock footage collection for Chicvoyage primarily in Vancouver, Asia, and South Africa. You’ll see a diverse selection of footage like landmarks, animals, nightlife, food, models, and lifestyle. For example, you’ll famous landmarks like Taipei  101, Whistler snow capped mountains in Canada, or Singapore’s Marina Bay. I live a travel lifestyle abroad where I enjoy trying different foods, nightlife, and working from my laptop in cafes and cowork spaces. My footage collection should reflect my interests and travels.

4k premium stock footage asia and Vancouver

I started with HD with the Canon SLR camera’s and over time have incorporated a variety of camera’s to add variety to the collection. For example, Gopro’s enabled underwater and the point of view (pov) or driving tour shots. Drone technology in 2015 enable me to film high quality 4k Aerial footage in locations like Bali, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapre, Malaysia, and South Africa.  In 2016 I added the DJI Osmo for 4k Video resolution with a stabilized gimbal allowing pov footage from cars, motorbikes, and walking tours. In 2017 I’ve now added the Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera to the arsenal allowing high quality 4k stabilized footage at high data rates and slow motion. I’ve also experience with 4k 360 technology using the Samsung 360 2017 and Gear 360 fly 4k.

Our collection is currently at 8000 and growing. What makes our collection unique is the diversity and our specialization in Vancouver, Asia, South Africa and surrounding regions. I was in a position to stay on the edge of camera technology and believe I have one of the stronger 4k aerial collections in these regions.  We introduced 4k stabilized footage in 2016 and plan to continue to build one of the stronger quality 4k collections in Thailand this year.

Here is some recent footage taken in Bangkok from the infamous Soi Cowboy and their famous rooftop bars


A premium footage subscription gives you access to our 4K and HD collection for use in your video projects as well as ongoing updates. Please take a look at our subscription plans to see what meets your needs best. These videos are just a small sample of the footage in our collection. We also please on-demand requests. Please contact us for inquiries.

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