Should you get the DJI Phantom 4 or Phantom 3 drone

Canadian Aerial Video Greg Hung explains why you could spend $400 US less and still have the features you need for your Aerial Photography goals. Watch the video to find out.

Phantom 3 vs Phantom 4 key differences

Almost similar camera's that perform the same

The camera's both shoot 4k resolution. The largest difference is that the Phantom 4 can film at 1080P 120 fps which means you can create footage you can turn into buttery smooth slow motion. The Phantom 3 can film at 1080p 60fps which is decent for slow mo. Personally I don't film slow-motion with my Phantom yet.

Phantom 3 Advanced cost $600US less than the Phantom 4

There is a large price gap between the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 3 Pro. I would watch the video and decide whether and understand exactly what you are getting for that extra $400 US and whether it is important to you. The Phantom 3 advanced is almost similar to the Phantom 3 pro except it doesn't film at 4k. It is about $600 US less than the Phantom 4. If you don't need the 4k than that Phantom 3 advanced is a great buy right now for an excellent HD filming machine.

You don't need collision avoidance if you learn how to fly and fly safely

This is a new feature just on the Phantom 4 where the front camera's will sense if there is an obstacle in front of it and avoid it. This is a nice feature, but the these sensors are not available on the side, back, and top where the drone is also likely to hit an object. If you focus on developing basic flying skills and don't fly recklessly you don't need this feature.

You don't need to fly 1 m/s faster to get great footage

I usually fly my Phantom 3  Pro within the 4 m/s - 8 m/s speed range to film footage even though it can go up to 16 m/s. Although the Phantom 4 can fly at 20 m/s in sports mode I can't see this being practical for filming, but perhaps if you want to fly faster than your Phantom friend this feature is for you.

There are other differences to discuss that you can see in the video.

Ready to Buy?

Total transparency. If you purchase from the office DJI affiliate buy links I will get a small commission at no extra charge to you

Videos filmed by me with the Phantom 3 Pro

Phuket Thailand Video

Duration: 3m 

I pull out all the stops in Phuket Thailand using a lot of automated flight to get footage of this beach paradise.

Singapore 4k Aerial

Duration: 3.5m 

Singapore's looks like a futuristic city with it's Marina Bay Sands hotel and Super Tree Grove Garden. See it from above.

Vancouver Canada

Duration: 5m

I brave the cold of the Vancouver Winter to bring you footage of downtown Vancouver to the snow capped mountains of Whistler.

About me

Hi I'm Greg Hung

I'm a South African Canadian Travel Aerial Photographer from Vancouver, Canada. I have a 13 year background in technology. I began my passion for video in 2011 after selling everything to begin traveling the world. I discovered aerial filming during a trip in Honolulu Hawaii and started flying with the first generation drone Phantom 1 in Australia in 2013. I base myself in Asia producing on-line video courses and producing videos around Asia with my drone. I've flown the drone in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vancouver, and Myanmar. I like to take complex topics and simplify them for others to learn.

Is the Phantom 3 for you

The Phantom 3 Drone is not for everyone. Some people always want the latest toy.


  • You want great modern features and value
  • You want the modern safety features like one touch return to home and critical battery warnings
  • Be able to use your mobile app and mobile device to get a live camera feed giving you all the essential stats like distance, height, speed, GPS satellites, and battery life.
  • You don't mind installing a 3rd party app to unlock features like Tracking that the Phantom 4 has


  • Someone who has always wants the latest and greatest
  • Someone who needs super slow motion HD
  • Someone who wants a fully featured tracking feature
  • Someone who needs the extra 4 m/s or 5 minutes extra flying uninterrupted flying time

Let me breakdown the drone options for you in simple terms

Phantom 4 $1399 Latest & greatest

  • Out of the box tracking features allow the drone to follow you or a subject without the remote control
  • Collision avoidance on front
  • 5 minutes more flight time and slightly faster than Phantom 3 Pro

Phantom 3 Pro $999 US (my drone of choice)

  • 3rd party app Litchi unlocks features like tracking (beta)
  • Everything you need for stable and reliable flight and excellent 4k footage
  • Advanced app allowing advanced remote live view,stats, and camera control

Phantom 3 Advanced $799 US (Great HD flying machine)

  • Good value at $600US less than Phantom 4
  • All the same features as the Phantom 4 Pro except no 4k video
  • Slight longer battery charging times

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