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ChicVoyage Productions (CVP) and Greg Hung are currently looking for  mutually beneficial partnerships.

We have a passion for travel and film and have accumulated an extensive digital content library that includes video footage and pictures of Countries in Canada, The United States, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia. We have proven capabilities to produce professional high end video content and mobile and google friendly websites.  We are currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Please contact us to discuss further partnership opportunities.

update May 15 2014
With the recent acquisition that Disney recently made of online video maker Maker studios for 500 million US dollars Chicvoyage see the vision for video production in the travel and language space niche. I am looking for travel video parterships.

I have a vision of consolidating talents , strengths, funding and resources with partners that are interested in having a production studio.  This production studio would accelerate the process to create short form travel and language related videos. Imagine a team of video editors, sets with green screens, talented travel creatives, camera operators, creative equipment all under one roof. I’m not sure where to begin so I’ll use this post and strength in our google search as a start in hopes of connecting with the right people to make this vision reality.

I am looking  for:

  • talented video creators with travel or language videos with existing audiences online
  • talented camera video producers that can shot, edit, and produce productions
  • investors that see the value in on-line video and creative content
  • traveler and adventurers that want to inform, inspire, and entertain others to travel
  • educators that have a passion for teaching others language through new means
  • property or studio owners with an existing space
  • music producers
  • language translators
  • seasoned studio producers

If this sounds like you then please contact me. Here is a video to help you envision what I am talking about


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