On-line Video Courses

On-line Video Courses

Hi I’m Greg from Chicvoyage.  The on-line courses are taught by me. I’ve developed expertise with newer camera’s and technologies over the past 4 years. I had a 13 year background in technology so I’ve been able to pick up some of the techniques quickly. I’ve traveled the world and filmed and accumulated experience and learning from some of the experts on the forefront like Phillip Bloom. These are our On-line Video Courses that are catered to travelers especially. They are in a video format and are very practical hands-on a comprehensive.

corporate video interview shoot for Roche
On-line Video Courses
Learning a well-known video guru: Phillip Bloom at his Master SLR workshop in Vancouver

5 Course Bundle: Create Videos & Create a Business without a brick & mortar shop

This course combines all 4 courses into where you can save by purchasing them together

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5 course bundle

Go Pro 4 Hero Black: Become a hero

The latest video course on the flagship camera from Go Pro 4. Filmed in the Maker Bar studios of Taipei. I’ve filmed this course with all new content teaching everything you need to know in a structured curriculum. We also have some fun in this course doing field tests like filming in a skateboard park, filming in the pool, using the suction cup mount outside the window of a 12th story building.

Go Pro hero Black 4 online course
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Making money with your Travel videos

I made this on-line course for people who are looking to get into the world of stock footage and start to make money with your travel video collection making a passive income. It packs tremendous value as I also cover gear and filming as a value-add. I enjoy this type of revenue stream as once you’ve organized your footage sites like pond5.com and shutterstock.com will do the marketing and sales for you and you will automatically receive a payment everyone through paypal.

On-line Video Courses
My course of making money with travel videos
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Udemy student review

The Art of Travel Video

I created this course as there was no comprehensive Travel video course covering gear, filming, planning, editing, and publishing. There were plenty of photography courses, but non dedicated to video. Follow the link for a discount to the course.

On-line Video Courses
The Art of Travel Video

Unleashing your video creativity using Gopro cameras

I was interesting that the Gopro was allowing people to make awesome videos in the water, extreme sports, and even in the air. However, not many people were teaching people how to do it. I was fortunate to get my drone early and develop my skills and experience early. I put this course together to give you my secrets on filming in the water, car, and in the air.

On-line Video Courses
Title cover – Unleashing your video creativity using gopro cameras
The Business of Video and Photography
The Business of Video and Photography


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