how much to charge

how much to charge for your stock footage

In this post I’m going to be talking about pricing for stock footage. As a stock footage videographer, some agencies are going to ask you to price your video footage and for someone that’s new, where do you start? Here are some guidelines.
For my video clips that are 10 to 15 seconds long, I typically price in between $50 to $60 US. Some agencies will automatically price them for you, like Shutterstock, I believe VideoBlocks will also price it for you. You can use their pricing as a guideline. If you’ve taken the HD video clip that’s a little bit harder to get I usually value this higher than the standard pricing. For example if you had to climb to the top of a mountain or you had some really hard to get shot because you had access to a penthouse suite and got a nice aerial shot. Perhaps you want to price these shots at $65 maybe even $70 US.
Now, let’s get to 4K or aerial video footage. Aerial video footage is a little bit harder to get. You need a drone, you need the skills to get up there, fly and take good videos. Naturally you can charge a little bit higher. For HD aerial video clip, I would price it in the neighborhood of about $100 US, and then for 4K aerial videos, I can price it at $199, $175 to $199.
Of course, with everything I’ve talked about, you also should do some market research. You can actually do a search on other stock footage agencies to see what already exists. If what you’re creating is something new, let’s say that you’re the first one to create 4K video footage of a Pilates instructor. Sure, charge a little bit higher, but do realize that as time changes, more people are going to create similar footage, so you got to listen and be tune with the market and adjust your prices if other people have created similar things.
I hope this lesson helps you with some guidelines for pricing your video footage and you have the confidence to make your own pricing decisions.


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