How to migrate from Mailchimp to Convert Kit

How to migrate from Mailchimp to Convert Kit

This post is going to cover how to migrate from mailchimp to convert kit. For the Video people who don’t know what I’m talking about I will give you some context. When I was focusing on transitioning my video business online one of the important lessons I learned 3 years too late was to build an audience. I learned this advice from successful online entrepreneur like Pat Flynn. For videographers that want to start building their online business it’s important to learn some online marketing. Building an email list is one important aspect of this.

You can build an audience using social media like Youtube and platforms like Udemy, but the goal is build up an email list of people that are interested in your content. If you are starting from scratch it I recommend to start with mailchimp because it is free software. Once you build your list to about 600 to 1000 subscribers you may want to start doing some advanced automation because of the size of your audience. If you interested in how you can build a list up to this size I can create a post if you are interested. This post is focused on the migration.

Why I migrated from Mailchimp to Convert Kit?

Once I built up an audience I realized that after I built up an audience I had to communicate with them (you). I wanted to start getting into automation and email sequences. If someone purchases one of my products I want to subscribe them to a certain interest list. For example, my drone subscribers will go into a drone list. They will receive certain emails that are drone related.

When someone enrolled for my drone course or downloaded some free stock footage I wanted to automatically add them to a list and receive certain emails. The platforms I use to host my products and courses are gumroad and teachable. I found that convert kit made this a lot easier to setup. Mailchimp required another platform called zapier to allow me to do more advanced automated stuff. Bottom line I’ve successfully migrated to convert kit and it’s allowed me to do what I wanted. Check out the videos and if you want to try convert kit please enroll using my affiliate link.

Let me know if you would like to see more business and marketing related posts on this site or do you think I should place it on a separate site?


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