The DJI Mavic Air is one of the best Travel Videos drones currently available on the the market. Technology has shrunk down the size of the drone into a portable backpack size while retaining the latest tech and a powerful Ultra 4K video camera. The DJI Mavic Air course well help you get the amazing footage with this drone around the world. It is aimed at travelers.The Mavic Air course is taught by me, experienced Travel Aerial Videographer Greg Hung, who has been traveling filming and flying drones since the Phantom 1.

UPDATE! The course is now Online. You can check it out on Skillshare here!

learn dji mavic air online course
You’re going to learn how to take amazing aerial video footage, travel tips, full workflow, regulations in today’s environment, and anintroduction to the business monetization side of aerial videography.

The DJI Mavic air is a perfect drone for traveling and producing amazing 4K aerial videos. Learning the technical side of flying and making Aerial videos is important and you’re definitely going to learn that. There is more that goes into getting amazing video. What is that? You got to explore and Travel to amazing destinations with amazing scenery to take advantage of what this drone can do. Not only that… you need to know if you can even fly the drone in certain cities and what are the rules and regulations to fly.

I’ve had the opportunity to recently fly in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Vancouver Canada, South Africa, Singapore, and Bali recently so I can pass on some of my flying experience to you. Getting to the destination is only half the battle. I will include a sample travel itinerary and tips to help safely get you and your drone to the right part of the city. I’m going to share places I’ve stayed and actual locations that I’ve flown the Mavic air.

I’m also going to share my workflow for creating amazing Videos shot with Mavic Air on Final cut pro X as well as in the DJI Go 4 app. The DJI Mavic air is small, but it’s a powerful video creation tool that every travel videographer should have in their bag. I want to introduce you to different ways you can monetize on your aerial drone footage  and your aerial video skills. I want to introduce you to how you monetize your aerial footage and perhaps pay off your Mavic Air many times over. Check out some videos and Sign up to get insider Video, Travel, and Money making tips with your DJI MAVIC AIR Drone. I’m also going to share special discounts on the upcoming DJI Mavic Air Online Course!


Learn Travel Aerial Videos

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Video, Travel, and Money making tips with your DJI MAVIC AIR Drone

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