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Aerial Photography course
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Aerial Photography course
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In my  7th on-line video related course Canadian world explorer and videographer Greg Hung brings his experience flying the Phantom 1 to students. This course will help first-time flyers lower the barriers to safely and comfortably learn to fly and take footage from the air. Produced in the digital nomad capital in the mountains of Chiang Mai Thailand Greg will provide a comprehensive course offering training to fly the aircraft and take great footage. Students can expect flight commentary, flight drills from DJI’s pilot guide, indoor flying in a Muay Thai ring, and his unique insight coming from his previous years of flying the Phantom 1 and much more.

Take amazing night photos like these from the air
  • Learn to fly safely with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional with an experience pilot that has flown the first gen drone

  • Featuring 15 lessons and over 86 minutes of video content

  • Learn to fly in the flight simulator, basic, and advanced flight drills

  • Learn how to use the aircraft camera effectively for such as dolly shots, pans, and birds eye angles

  • An essential guide of the DJI Pilot App

  • Indoor flight in a Thai boxing ring

  • Learn to make videos using the DJI app and in Final Cut Pro X

  • Behind the scenes of the Chiang Mai 4k aerial video

Aerial Photography on-line course



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