Learn Video Editing – Online Courses on Final cut and Premiere Pro

Learn to Video Edit Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut

Learn Video Editing – Online Courses on Final cut and Premiere Pro

If you’re looking to learn video editing and you’re interested in learning on two of the most popular professional video editing platforms our Content creator academy offers Masterclass online courses on both Final Cut and Premiere Pro.

Our courses are aimed at beginners that want step by step guides that want to advance to a professional level. We provide relevant practice footage from camera’s like high powered mirrorless 4K camera’s, drones, and gopro’s. Our Final Cut Pro X Masterclass offers over 14.5 hours of content.

Learn Video Editing Online

Our Premiere Pro course is taught on Adobe Premiere 2020 and is also for all levels. We offer course bundles so that you can learn on both platforms at a price that offers amazing value to students.

What you will learn

  • Adobe Premiere 2020 features such as Autoreframe
  • Fundamentals to
  • Learn To Video Edit For Corporate Client & today’s Social Media
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Practice Footage Provided (4k, drone, 120 fps, Gopro)
  • Learn the Full Workflow from Import to Youtube Publishing
  • Behind the scenes on Client Video Edit projects

Learn more than just Video Editing

Our Content Creator Academy offers a diverse range of online courses aimed at providing you a well-rounded skillset needed for 2020 and beyond as a content creator. As we mentioned you will learn the skills to become a well-rounded Video editor in Final Cut and Premiere Pro. We offer over 24 Online Courses covering Video and Audio Production, Video Editing, Livestreaming, App Building, and Online Business and Marketing. For just $39 students can access all 24 of our online courses for 1 month at our Content Creator Academy.

What is the Content Creator Academy

The Course Content Creator MasterClass is the MBA for Videographers and Creators. It is designed for you to learn a diverse range of practical videography, Audio, travel, and online business knowledge taught by Travel Videographer Instructor Greg Hung with over 9 years of hands-on life experience.

Students will learn to Create High Quality Content meaning Video and Audio that you can use to serve Corporate Clients or your own Social media following. Students interested in trying out a digital nomad laptop lifestyle will get unique lifestyle living guides to help them produce content from digital nomad friendly destinations like Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, and more.

Students will learn cutting edge Internet Business knowledge for settings up websites, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Presentation Skills.

Whether you want to become a Youtuber, Podcaster, Videographer, Entrepreneur, or freelancing digital nomad the Content Creator Academy will share the knowledge you need


learn video editing


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What your will get:

  • Gear & Tools I use for my Business
  • Tips to Improve your Ability to Create & Earn with your creativity
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  • Destination Guides

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