learn to video podcast

Learn to Video Podcast

Learn to Video Podcast

Do you listen or watch a podcast?

Podcasts have been popular for a while especially on itunes, but Video Podcasting has become a popular platform in recent years. We have seen platforms like Spotify emerge and pay popular Video Podcaster Joe Rogan a 100 million dollar deal. Joe has used video effectively to showcase his eye catching podcast set and showcase things they are talking about in real-time using his assistant Jamie.

We can’t all be Joe Rogan yet, but he has paved a path for us. If you’re someone has something to say or discuss the technical barriers to starting a podcast and getting wide distribution are lower and easier than ever with the right knowledge. A lot of people have started to do Video Calls using programs like zoom. If you’re invested in a good mic and webcam you already have most of the hardware gear you need to start. The other part of the equation is finding guests, learning to do some editing, being a podcast host, publishing the podcast, and getting distributing your podcast.

Podcasting has helped give me access to connect with successful people in my space in Travel, Online Business, and Video Production like our own Phil Ebiner, The Nomad Capitalist, Curtis Judd, and Ray Ortega and more. The best part is I’ve been able to create content to share with an audience to inspire them and help them learn.

In the Video Podcast Course you will learn the following:

  • Gear recommendations for video and audio
  • Finding guests and coming up with questions
  • Editing the Video Podcast workflow
  • Publishing the Podcast to platforms like spotify, amazon music, itunes, and more
  • Tactics to distribute the content
  • Zoom Call tips for production and scheduling across timezones

Here are some free tutorials from the course for you to check out.

learn to video podcast


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