Learn to Be a Content Creator

Learn to Be a Content Creator

A content creator is responsible for providing primarily digital content online whether video, audio, image or text format. With the advance of technology and evolution of the Internet individuals can now earn an income online through a number of ways. Content Creators could be Youtubers, Videographers, Video Editors, Online Course Instructors, Podcasters, Streamers, or Social Media influencers are a number ways that someone can earn an income directly or indirectly with their content or skillset.

What skills do you need to be a content creator

We believe that to be a successful content creator you need to master a core set of skills in video and audio production, video and audio editing, graphic design, copywriting, online marketing, and perhaps even presenting in front of people or in front of a camera. I know it sounds like a lot to take on, but you can master just some of the skills like video production or editing and do this full-time. If you want to build your own personal following online through social media you could learn a number of these skills and later hire or outsource them out as your business grows. Let me expand on how you can learn some of these skills.


learn to create content video editing studio

Learning Video & Audio Production

Learning Video means you can produce good quality video. You can start out with your smartphone and progress onto more powerful camera's like DSLR's, action camera's like gopro, drones or a mirrorless camera. Each camera has their own strengths and weaknesses. You can produce videos for clients or even create your own content and create online courses. I recommend starting with with a phone and as you get more serious you can invest in a mirrorless camera that will allow you to produce professional video and photos for clients and your business. You can check out my Video Gear Kit for 2020 Here. 

You will also need good video editing software to edit all those videos you are producing. If you are starting out on a Mac you can use imovie. If you are on a windows computer and want something free or low cost you can try out davinci resolve or Adobe Rush. Personally I use Final cut Pro X and Mac and Premiere Pro 2020 on Windows. At the Content Creator Academy we offer courses on video editing with Final Cut and Premiere Pro and Video Production and a whole lot more. We even offer some a Free 7 day Trial!

learn to be a content creator

Filming with a professional mirrorless camera with a wireless lav mic

What Gear Will you Need?

To be a well rounded content creator you will need a good computer with a lot of memory like 16GB and a good graphics card to video edit. If you want to travel or mobility away from your desk I recommend a laptop. You will also need a variety of other gear like good audio gear, lighting, tripods, and other accessories that you can check out on my Free Gear PDF

How can you Earn an Income as a Content Creator

There are a variety of ways you can earn an income as a content creator as an employee or having  your own business

  • 1
    Freelance or Video Edit for Clients
  • 2
    Create a Youtube Channel to monetize on Adsense or sell digital products
  • 3
    Create an Online Course on a topic you are an expert in or partner with someone else
  • 4
    You can License your Footage Online
  • 5
    Create a Niche website where you can review products in your niche as an affiliate marketer
learn to create content

filming drone video at the beach in thailand

The Pros and Cons of being a Content Creator

There are a variety of benefits and downside of being a content creator as well. There is time, creative, and location freedom once you have a viable business and have some momentum. Here I'm on a filming assignment practicing my aerial video with a drone in Phuket Thailand. I live part of the year in Asia where there is beautiful scenery, the cost of living is 1/3 of North America, and the weather is better. On the flipside It can take time to build up a following and it's not something that is stable as being as an accountant.

What is the Next Step to Learn to be a Content Creator?

Learn to be a content creator


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