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Learn How to Create Generative Video AI

Learn How to Create Generative Video AI with Synthesia

Open AI’s ChatGPT is getting all the attention in the AI world, but Generative AI Video is pretty cool as well. Generative video AI is a cutting-edge field that utilizes deep learning techniques to generate unique, high-quality videos using just a script. It has a wide range of applications from training videos, youtube videos, promotional sales videos, and it can even speak in multiple languages fluently.

You don’t need to be a programmer to start using video AI. You simply need a script and a paid subscription to synthesia.io. You can start a free trial if you want. ChatGPT doesn’t produce generative AI video yet, but it does do generate AI images so it is easy to imagine Generative Video with CHATGPT Technology. The first time I saw the result of Synthesia I was blown away at how real the avatar was. The paid plan was $30 for 10 credits. 10 credits works out to about 10 minutes worth of video.

I’ve been testing some videos on my Youtube Channel to start getting more familiar with the platform. I did a financial market update video. The first video took some time as I had to modify an existing template; however the interface is easy to use. If you can create a powerpoint slide you can create an AI video. In fact you can even import a powerpoint as a template. When you are happy with your video you can generate a video in a MP4 Format.

Learn AI Video

Although Synthesia doesn’t translate you can provide it a script in over 120 languages and the avatar will deliver it in a fluent accent. You even have several choices per language and a choice of accents!

This type of technology is a game changer for smaller companies looking to scale their business that don’t have the benefit of a dedicated media team. It can be expensive and time consuming to produce professional videos and now the technology is here.  As a Youtube and online course creator this technology can help me reach new audiences through different languages as well as scale up my Market Update Videos where I don’t need to be the one walking. It free’s you up from having to find a studio, find lighting, and remember and deliver your lines. You don’t actually need a camera anymore although having a video editing program will be useful for making your own alternations to the video.

Although I can see this technology been used it won’t necessarily replace the need for doing all videos yourself. I think there will be an increasing high demand for human based videos especially when it comes to having that personal or emotional connection. Also certain types of videos like comedy videos will be hard to replicate with AI technology for now. If you’re interested in our AI Generative Video Online Course for beginners sign up for our waitlist.


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