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Johnny FD – Super Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Podcast Interview from Taiwan GHS 19-21

Johnny FD is a super digital nomad in Chiang mai earning upwards of 26k a month through various online businesses. He openly shares business advice and earnings. He has been featured on articles like Forbes and Business insider. In 2015 I had a chance to sit down with and interview to get his story and thoughts on business including opinions on Chiang Mai Thailand versus Taipei Taiwan as a digital nomad. Shortly after this interview I decided to visit Chiang Mai, and eventually made the move to Chiang Mai. I wasn’t until I moved to Chiang Mai that I got a chance to experience in person how influential he was. He he formed the foundation of a regular nomad community here when the Nomad Coffee Club, which is a highly engaged facebook group that meets on Fridays where a speaker will share business advice on a topic. This club has also become a social hub for regulars and newcomers where digital nomads meet new friends for dinner and drinks.

part 2 of 3 from Taipei Taiwan we compare food and rent in Taiwan vs Chiang Mai, food airlines in Asia, banking, and his business. The real gem comes at the end of this epsiode when Johnny talks about the abundance mindset.

GHS 19 Johnny FD on Taiwan vs Chiang Mai digital nomad lifestyle (PT 1 of 3)

GHS 20 Johnny FD (Taiwan) on food, business, & abundance mindset

GHS 21 Johnny FD (Taiwan) single most important business advice (Pt 3 of 3)

Johnny’s website

Johnny Forbes article

Antony’s dropship lifestyle

Johnny on Business Insider

Nomad Coffee club facebook group

My Taiwan Digital nomad Guide

Hosted By Greg Hung
Produced and edited by Greg Hung
filmed at Maker Bar Taipei



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