Panasonic GH5 low light

Improve the Panasonic GH5 Low light performance with the Metabones Ultra Speedbooster (Lens testing)

If you check the many Panasonic GH5 video reviews you will find that the low light performance and the autofocus are the 2 major drawbacks to this camera. I’ve shot with it since summer of 2017 and it is true that the low-light performance is disappointing. How can it be improved? If you’re using the kit lens with a variable aperture from F2.8-4 then I would suggest filming with the widest focal length to get the F2.8

Panasonic GH5 low light

If we really want to improve the low light performance then we need the metabones speedbooster adaptor. This allows us to use the Panasonic GH5 with 3rd party lenses and get an extra stop of light. The extra stop of light is a game changer. I did some testing with the GH5, the metabones adaptor, and a variety of lenses in night club settings to really test the performance of this setup. Check out the results in the video as well as pricing and our thoughts on the testing.

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