The Greg Hung Show Podcast - Launching on iTunes soon

The Greg Hung Show

I was inspired by entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn and  Johnny FD and by the Entrepreneurial Spirit surrounding me during my time in Chiang Mai I decided to launch a podcast show. I've already recorded 6 episodes in Chiang Mai with an International ensemble of guests such as Rob Cubbon , Petter Miller, and Kyle Barraclough. You can expect to be exposed to a diverse range of businesses from On-line Teaching , Amazon Kindle Book Author's, Location independent Work, to International MCing. As a Video Creator you also expect to hear about my on-line Video business as well as other entrepreneurs that have built a business using Video. The core focus will be on Business, Travel, and Lifestyle.

International Vibe

Learn about new ideas coming from location independent entrepreneurs from around the globe

Travel & Lifestyle

Learn about travel opportunities as well as the lifestyle in different countries as a slow traveler

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