the art of travel

How to make travel videos – from amateur to professional

How to make travel videos

You’re ready to learn how to make travel videos. You have come to the right place. You may have done a search on the internet already for this topic and found that most of your google search results are text articles.

the art of travel

What makes this travel video different

  1. I use video to teach you how to teach you to do travel video
  2. This video covers gear and techniques for action oriented videos using go pro
  3. High production value techniques – using the dolly and equipment to improve your sound
  4. I provide specific models and website links for what to use – there are many articles that are just to general and leave all the research to yourself. I give you specific camera models to use. I focus mainly on Canon SLR camera’s and lenses and Final Cut Pro X for video editing software. Why? Because this is what I know and believe in. If you like my videos then I’ll provide you the specific equipment you will need
  5. I actually cover the full process. – We go out into the field and do a live shoot. I actually have live video of editing the video to show you. I actually cover making a time lapse
how to make travel videos
actual shot providing a lesson in framing your shot in the field

Why did I decide to make this?

There are some good articles that provide tips on making travel videos. However, at this time there are not enough depth and specific information particularly with SLR camera’s and people who want to film action. I’ve traveled around the world and see too many people with SLR camera’s that are just using them to take pictures.

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Going from Amateur to professional video for Travelers

Going from Amateur to Professional Travel Video for Travelers

This video lesson will be over 1 hour and cover the following topics

  • Camera gear and accessories – which camera models, lenses, accessories, lighting, and sound
  • Plan and packing – How do you pack and protect your gear and make good use of your time
  • How to film your shot – a live in the field demo of actually setting your camera to shot a great shot
  • Editing – An actual live editing video showing you step by step how to edit in Final Cut Pro X and put together a great travel video
  • Sharing – How to take your finish video and sharing it through social networks or burn a DVD or blu-ray

The full video lesson is available for sale at the link below.

Video trailer

 Free preview: Secrets for better travel video


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