How to Repair your Final Cut Pro X Library

How to Repair your Final Cut Pro X Library

Watch the Video to find out How to Repair your Final Cut Pro X Library. The library is the highest form of storage in Final Cut Pro X storing your events and media. If you have problems opening your library you can potentially loose a lot of work including your projects, events, and media. Here is the solution in a nutshell. Before you attempt it try to open your database and pay attention to the FCPX splashscreen attempting to validate plug-in’s and events. Try to remember the last 2 events you see before it crashes.

  1. Open up our FCPX library and select show package contents
  2. Highlight and send the suspected corrupt events and send them to the trash (don’t worry you have a safety net. They are not permanently deleted yet)
  3. Delete the FCPX database file. It will recreate
  4. Attempt to open your FCPX library again


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